2D1N In Unmasking Bohol

My Travel Story


This is my first time writing seriously a travel blog (since I wrote two in my poetic blog) and I don’t have any idea if this would help you know about place because to be honest, we have different reasons why we travel. Our itineraries would speak on that part. And the best thing about traveling without availing any packages is you get to feel the life of the people living in the place. That is why I travel – to know more of our culture beyond history books could tell. 

I do crave extraordinary stories from the people I meet. Be it from the van or “habal-habal” driver, co-passengers, strangers, restaurant or resort crew, I learn some things by talking to them. And behind every journey, there’s a life inspiring story that changes me and hopefully, the people who read my blog. Somehow traveling makes me become a better person.

I know not everyone has the courage to write but at least keep a journal or diary that tells about your journey in a language you are most comfortable with. Let it be Bisaya, Tagalog, English, the hybrid Taglish or Bislish, or whatever vernacular you’re using. The important thing is you speak from the heart as if retelling your journey to your grandchildren. 

Writing is not about getting commissions from the hotels you advertise, likes from having taken a good angle on your photos or bragging to your friends that you’ve been into a scenic place, but rather writing is communicating to your inner self as you reread your write ups and to others as you exchange words of experiences.

2D1N Journey In Unmasking Bohol 


How should I start retelling you the journey I have been through just few days back? Or should I really begin why I decided to go to that place?

Whichever it may be, what amuses me right now is that people are asking me where I have been. And I always get the same response, “Bohol!!!???”


This is not Malaysia or Banaue.

Yes, I went to Bohol and what really makes you feel stunned upon hearing the word Bohol? Is it because you don’t get to see on my photos the famous chocolate hills, tarsier, Loboc river, floating restaurant, butterfly sanctuary, man made forest, dolphin watching or even the firefly watching?


My cousin even said to me that she was expecting another chocolate hills background on my display profile just like my sister’s, but she was wrong. I was rather presenting another face of Bohol that some don’t even know existing in the place cuz it is not most visited nor most talked about. 


Rice terraces going to Can-umantad falls. I took this while riding a habal-habal.

Would you believe me if I say this is not Malaysia or Banaue as a Facebook friend commented, but a rice field in Candijay, Bohol?


It looks like I’m in Egypt. Morning at Quinale. It was low tide.


Sunrise at Quinale, Anda Bohol

Would you believe me again that the finest sand in the Philippines can be found not in Boracay or El Nido but in Quinale Beach at Anda, Bohol?
How To Get There

First Day


You can buy a one way ticket for Php210 at the left side, facing pier 1 of Cebu port. You will be transferred to pier 3 by a shuttle where the ship you’ll be boarding on is docking in. You have to pay Php25 for the terminal fee before you can actually get in. First trip is 6:30 in the morning and every hour there’s a ship that goes to Bohol. Remember, fare rate will vary depending on the shipping company and schedule will change depending on the weather. Travel time will take one hour only.


 While waiting at Cebu Port

Why did I choose Cebu-Tubigon?

Simply because it saves money. Cebu-Tagbilaran is still expensive even if I have to sum up the money I spend from Cebu-Tubigon, Port-Terminal, Tubigon-Tagbilaran. 210 (ship)+ 10 (tricycle) + 40 (bus) = 260 versus fast craft’s fare ticket.


 Inside MV Starcraft 

Travel time from Tubigon to Tagbilaran will take you almost two hours or more depending on how fast the bus is. But usually it’s slow because it keeps on stopping. Same idea that happens in South Cebu. People ride a bus unlike city that has many jeeps.

Going to Tagbilaran

I took this while the bus is running. 

First Stop: Panglao, Bohol

This is not a blog that hails only the good ones but also the disliking moment of going to a place. I’m gonna say my thoughts and experiences blatantly because that’s what I felt during that moment. I don’t have to hide anything just to persuade you to visit and help the tourism of Bohol. It is really up to you.

From Tubigon you’ll be dropped at Dao terminal, Tagbilaran City. You’ll know you’re at Dao when you see Island City Mall. And from there, look for a jeep that goes to Panglao. Or if you don’t like riding a jeep, then you ride a motorcycle. Jeep fare is Php25 versus motorcycle fare, Php200. This is one way only, but same fare applies if you come from Panglao to Dao. Jeep will take you 2hrs versus motorcycle for only 20-30 mins. You just have to weigh things, whether time or money? This is critical for those traveling by group. You have to rent a van to make things easier or go by pair. Haggle if you can. 

Here’s one thing you should remember: ask someone if you want to know something and ask again from another person if you want to confirm the answer.

When In Panglao

The road is dusty and bumpy like a sand storm happens in going there. The jeep is usually overloaded because it travels by schedule. Imagine this scene of having root crops or whatever on top of the jeep, and inside people are canned like sardines with extensions at the middle, then even ladies dangle themselves like a flag flipping while holding unto the rod at the entrance. 

That is commuter’s life in Panglao ; it’s not new because we also have like that in Cebu. But what is memorable on that part of my journey is to ride with grannys, foreigner and students. Then students showed that there are still gentlemen left in today’s generation. 😊 


This student helped the granny above.

Alona, Panglao is overrated and overcrowded with foreigners. It is commercialized. You see Mexican, American, Korean restaurants fronting the beach. It is indeed designed for them and not for us, co-Filipinos because of the mindset that we cannot afford to travel and dine in. Plus, we love to haggle. 


How often I think that prices should differ esp if the one traveling is Filipino because we don’t earn dollar; we earn in peso. And locals should not take advantage and offer us costly rides because setting a price difference between Filipino travelers and foreigners would open a great opportunity for other Filipinos to travel our country. 


As my sister pointed out that we are unconsciously racists at times to our fellow Filipinos esp when we mocked on the term “ija-ija,” “ajo-ajo,” and even when we joked about the “notion” to first met people who came from Siquijor that their place is a home for voodooism. Or to somebody whose skin color is darker than ours that they are living from the mountains or seas without actually knowing where did they really come from. Before saying anything, why can’t we merge first ourselves to their place and get to know them more?

Making traveling more affordable for us also means becoming closer to our ties that despite of language differences, geography separation, or cultural practices, it somehow bridges the gap, opening our lives to others to create understanding and eradicate racism.

It pierces to the heart that sometimes traveling is given only to the privilege few because they can afford it and poverty makes someone stay in just one place instead of expanding one’s horizon or understanding. Plus, parental obligations that is passed down unto eldest’s shoulders right after finishing college is another thing that keeps one from going to other place because it means shelling out money instead of paying it to sibling’s tuition fee. 

When I asked one of the students if how far Alona is, I was surprised that even they are from Bohol they were also first timers to the place like me. 

Sadly, everything goes down to one reason – money because it is meant to spend on necessities than travel for pleasure. 


Moreover, since foreigners do have more money than a normal Filipino, they get to enjoy and know our place instead us who should experience first the beauty of our own country. 


Dao Terminal, Tagbilaran- Candijay, Bohol

The thing is there’s no travel package for Candijay and Anda because they are far and you are left to commute or rent a van for your journey.

Ask dispatchers if where are the vans traveling to Ubay or straight to Candijay. Get off to Lungsoda-an public market, Candijay. I paid Php140 one way. Travel time is more or less 2hours.

When you get off, there are motorcycle drivers who would ask where are you going and if you say to Cadapdapan rice terraces, they will call those drivers who go there. You might wanna contact in advance Jhonry at 09107684233 to assist you. He is very hospitable and he could be your tourist guide. Going around the terraces and falls will cost you Php150 back and forth. Driver will really wait for you so you don’t need to worry. Travel time going to or fro is more or less 30 mins. 

Eleuterio’s Cadapdapan Rice Terraces And Can-umantad Falls


Me jumping in happiness.

Upon talking to the driver, I learned that the rice terraces just recently opened for public viewing last Dec, 2015 because it is privately owned by the Eleuterio’s clan.


Paying for entrance fee. 

Rice terraces.

Pls take note that if you pass by their brgy.hall you need to pay Php20, then you pay another Php20 for the entrance. But if you go straight to the terraces, you only need to pay Php20 and you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the pool, which is 15min trek from the terraces.

  Beautiful! 😍🌻  

This reminded me of the song Magtanim ay di biro.

After watching the terraces, then it’s time to see the Can-umantad falls. Prepare your swimming attire cuz it’s summer time and it’s so hot. 😊 

Going to the falls.

I went there with a friend and we did not go swimming because we have time constraints. We arrived at Lungsoda-an at 2:30, we finished going around Candijay at 4:30.


Anda, Bohol

After Candijay, we go back to Guinjulngan. Php20 min.fare for vans and we took a motorcycle going to Anda for Php150. 

We spent the night at Anda Global Beach Resort 2 at Poblacion, Anda. Room rate for two starts at Php800-1000. Pls contact them in advance if you want to stay a night at 09106412775. Or if they are fully booked, you might wanna try inquiring Anda Lodge at 09994808055.

Global 2 

Anda de boracay.

If you’d ask the locals, they would always recommend Anda de Boracay because the resort has its own restaurant unlike others. Plus, tourists like foreigners stay at de Boracay because it has bar and a live band every Fri-Sat. They also have swimming pools. For walk-in customers, they’re charging Php150/person.



Luckily, Global 2 is just beside de Boracay which they welcome walk-in diners like us. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can look around for carenderias at the public market. Just ask the locals; they’re very hospitable and responsive.


Quinale Beach


Beautiful. Period.

I don’t want to describe it. Just look at the photos. 😊



I suck when it comes to geography. But traveling outside Cebu makes me interested of roads and directions.

Honestly, our itinerary wasn’t followed because we’re supposed to go to other beautiful spots like chocolate hills, tarsier, etc., but we ran out of time due to there’s no v-hire that travels from Anda to Carmen unless we go back to Tagbilaran, then tarsier watching, Loboc river/floating restaurant, Loboc eco-adventure park, man-made forest, Carmen, Sagbayan, Tubigon. Or unless we rent a private van. 

From point A, Tagbilaran, imagine a Y direction. The right side is going Anda and the left side is going Carmen. And another Y again from point B, Guinjulngan, then right side is going Anda and left side is going Candijay.

Photos pa more!   

Other things to do in Bohol

This is the latest adventure I know from TV Patrol, Macaas Boardwalk at Tubigon. Php800/pax, island hopping with free lunch.

By the way, Alona offers island hopping too. Php1,300 good for two.


If you think this blog helps, pls don’t forget to tell your friends. Spread the good news! Salamat!

Other things to do in Bohol

This is the latest adventure I know from TV Patrol, Macaas Boardwalk at Tubigon. Php800/pax, island hopping with free lunch.

By the way, Alona offers island hopping too. Php1,300 good for two.


If you think this blog helps, pls don’t forget to tell your friends. Spread the good news! Salamat!

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